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Each year approximately 100-150 children, requiring life saving heart surgeries, from various developing countries reside in the SACH children's home.

SACH brings the children to Israel in groups of 4-7 accompanied by a nurse from their home country, or a parent or close relative, for children under the age of three. They all stay at the SACH children's home in Holon, a type of Ronald McDonald House that is run by the SACH housemother and dozens of volunteers.

The children's home is their home away from home, catering to all of their needs and providing them with close, personal care during the time they are apart from their families.

Upon arrival to the airport in Israel, the children are met by a member of the medical team and the housemother and are taken to the SACH children's home. The children remain in the home until their scheduled surgery, traveling when needed for medical evaluation and examinations. The children usually arrive from countries with very poor medical facilities and therefore require at least a month of preparation (medical and nutritional) prior to surgery.

At the SACH children's home, the children are taken care of by the housemother, a team of Israeli and international volunteers and an expressive art therapist, who take care of their everyday needs. Following the surgery and required hospitalization period, the children are discharged from the hospital to the SACH children's home for a period of follow-up care lasting at least one month.

On average, each child and their escort stay at the SACH home for a period of three months.

In addition, medical personnel from SACH's outreach training program, family members accompanying the children and volunteers also stay in the home.
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