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Baby from Gaza gets new lease on life (ISRAEL21c, September 2014)

Palestinian MD lauds Israel for saving children (CJN, May 2014)

Save a Child's Heart group improves cardiac care (Voice of America, March 2014)

Surgery in a Blackout: A doctor heals kids' broken hearts (CNN, November 2013)
To date, SACH has been successful in raising the $15,000 that is required to cover the cost of each patient. This amount covers hospitalization, regardless the length of stay for the youngster, medical needs, teaching programs and administration, travel and room & board. Our entire surgical, intensive care and nursing staff, standing now at a total of 70 people, substantially volunteer their services and donate their time.

The demand for our services is overwhelming. Since our inception in 1995 the number of operations has grown from near nothing to a total of more than 4000 children. It is important to note that since Save a Child's Heart began we have examined over 10,000 children. We are planning to save even more children by building a new Childrenís Hospital and the Middle Eastís first international pediatric cardiac care center.

The main obstacle preventing the treatment of additional patients is the limited space in the current Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Built and equipped in 1994, the current facility includes six beds, one isolation unit and four intermediate beds, and it was designed for providing open heart surgery for 150 children annually. The existing PICU is overloaded with patients who occasionally need to be transferred to the adult ICU to enable the intake of our increased number of patients, which why we need to raise the funds to build a new Children's Hospital and International Pediatric Cardiac Center.

To bring our efforts to success, we require substantial funding. We hope you will join our vision in saving needy children from around the world who suffer from all forms of heart defects. Together with your support, and our medical treatment, we can send a message of love and hope to these children of all ages, and give great joy to their families. If you would like to help SACH to make a difference, please join our family and make a donation. There are more than 1000 children on our waiting list.

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